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The AeP project team has developed the Australian ePortfolio Toolkit for use by ePortfolio practitioners in their institutions. The ePortfolio Toolkit comprises a series of ePortfolio Concept Guides designed to inform the diverse stakeholders in higher education about issues and opportunities associated with ePortfolio learning.

ePortfolio Concept Guides

These concept guides have been adapted for the Vocational Education and Training (VET)sector by the Australian Flexible Learning Network. Copies of the VET documents can be accessed at:


A further valuable resource is a recent publication prepared by JISC in the UK.

Effective practice with ePortfolio

The publication investigates good practice in the use of ePortfolios as a support in learning and as an aid to progression to the next stage of education or to employment.

The guide is complemented by an Infokit on ePortfolios:

The Infokit covers the main drivers, purposes, processes, perspectives and issues around ePortfolio. It also highlights research activity support by JISC.


AeP survey instruments

The survey instruments used in the AeP research can be used or adapted by other ePortfolio researchers.

There are three survey instruments, designed for the different cohorts of respondents:

Learning and Teaching Survey - academic, academic support and general teaching staff, lecturers, trainers, assistant deans, and those generally involved with teaching design and development and/or supporting students in recognition of learning.

Management Survey – people involved in governance, policy, resource development, department managers, administration staff, assistant directors and careers and employment officers.

Human Resources Survey – people involved in the professional development of university, VET and ACE staff, professional and/or academic, teachers/trainers.

AeP Survey: Learning and Teaching questionnaire
[pdf] [Word doc]

AeP Survey: Management questionnaire
[pdf] [Word doc]

AeP Suvey: Human Resources questionnaire
[pdf] [Word doc]